Tuesday, May 13, 2014

This Video Could Save Your Nipple!

I am so excited to have stumbled upon this! The following video is the best illustration -- easily accessible to the general public -- that I’ve seen of advances made in breast reconstruction, short of visiting photo galleries of top notch reconstructive surgeons (which the general public is unlikely to do) or happening upon the rare photo in the general media of women willing to bare all for society’s collective edification (I only know of one women who had the chutzpah to do that).

Now I’ll shut up, hoping if I write no more, it will make you more likely to please watch this (while I continue writing up for next month what I was working on for this month). Nothing scary in this 8-minute video, only the beauty of women and modern medical techniques. Please share with the women you know! Thank you!

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  1. Modern medicine and procedures are truly miracles. Thanks so much for sharing! I had no idea any of this even existed...shows how much I keep on top of medical procedures, I guess! What a wonderful thing for women struggling with breast cancer everywhere.

    Grace Watson | http://www.lookingyourbest.com/procedures/BreastReconstruction